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Our Process: Tailored, Trendy, and Trustworthy

E-commerce Savvy at Your Service
  • We get e-commerce, especially the Amazon landscape, like the back of our hands.

  • Our process is crafted with the precision of a tailor fitting a bespoke suit.

  • We're all about customizing our services to stitch perfectly into the fabric of your Amazon and e-commerce needs, because we're sellers, we're buyers, we're the whole market in one.

A Finger on the Pulse of UGC and Social Trends
  • Stale content? Not on our watch. FotoLive thrives on the pulse of ever-changing UGC and social media trends.

  • Did you know less than 5% of Amazon sellers leverage content in the Q&A section? We don't just use it; we make it shine.

  • Plus, with our TikTok-ready content, you might just wake up to a viral sensation—because why not aim for overnight internet fame?

Ethical Content That's All Yours
  • Sleep soundly knowing the UGC we source for you is as ethical as it is engaging.

  • We secure all the right permissions, respecting the creators and the rules of the game. Once we deliver, it's not just content; it's your property.

  • We're in the business of doing things right, giving you peace of mind along with top-notch content.

Multilingual Mastery for Universal Appeal
  • While our content creators are proudly US-based, at FotoLive, our team's linguistic expertise is as diverse as the marketplace we serve. Whether it's a video demonstration or subtitled content, we craft your message in the language that best speaks to your audience.

  • Choose from an array of languages including English, Spanish, French (and French-Canadian), a suite of Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Filipino, and Mandarin, and South Asian dialects like Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and Gujarati.

  • We even communicate through American Sign Language, ensuring inclusivity and reach. Let’s make your brand globally understood and locally embraced.


Your Pathway to Engaging Content with FotoLive



  • Fill in the order form below with as many details as possible to ensure our creators have everything they need.


Email Alert:

  • Watch for our email, which will outline your budget and campaign specifics.


Green Light:

  • Confirm the budget and campaign details, and let us know exactly what you envision for your content.


Creation Station:

  • Sit back while we craft compelling content for your brand, delivered in 1-2 weeks.


Preview & Polish:

  • Review the content and suggest any reasonable tweaks—we're all about getting it just right.


Go Live:

  • Deploy your new assets across Amazon, Shopify, or any social platform—from Facebook to TikTok.


Raw Authenticity:

  • Expect unedited photos and videos to preserve the authenticity of the content.



  • Choose to edit for polish or use them in their organic glory, the content is yours to tailor.

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