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Build brand trust and social proof with tailor-made content that resonates with your audience


Capturing Life, Unfiltered and Authentic


  • Real People, Real Moments: Dive into a world where authenticity reigns supreme. Our content is crafted by real people living real moments, offering unedited glimpses into everyday life. It's not just content; it's a slice of genuine experience.

  • Elevate Your Brand, Naturally: Amplify your brand's digital aura with photos and videos that echo true U.S. consumer experiences. People who don’t just use your products, but genuinely love them. This is real-life marketing at its finest.

  • Seamless Integration Across Platforms: Whether it’s Amazon’s bustling marketplace or the vibrant communities of Shopify, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, our lifestyle content is your brand’s passport to online prominence. And the best part? It’s fuss-free and ready to mingle with your existing online persona.

  • Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Edit to perfection or flaunt their natural charm - the choice is yours. Our content is like your favorite outfit; it fits just right and feels great, whether on your website or your social feeds.

  • Versatility is Our Middle Name: Showcase your product in ways as diverse as your audience. From highlighting key features to telling your brand's story, our content is the Swiss Army knife of digital marketing.

  • Quality That Speaks Volumes: We promise more than just variety - our photos and videos boast medium-high to high quality, capturing your products in a light that’s just right. Different angles, backgrounds, and narratives, all crafted to your specific needs.

With FotoLive, it's not just about standing out; it's about being true. True to your brand, true to your customers, and true to the moments we help you capture.


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Unraveling the Magic of UGC: User-Generated Content

UGC: Your Brand’s Story, Told by Your Fans

What’s UGC, you ask? It's the buzz around your brand, created not by us, but by those who love what you do. It's the stories, snaps, and shares that bubble up from the everyday experiences of real users. From tweets to TikToks, UGC is the digital word-of-mouth that’s shaping brands today.

Where You’ll Find This Gold: Peek into any corner of the social media world, scour websites, or hop into online forums, and there it is – UGC in all its glory! It's the heart and soul of community buzz, helping businesses like yours not just get noticed, but genuinely loved.

Why It’s the Real Deal: Think of UGC as the candid snapshots of your brand in action. It’s those heartfelt reviews, the Instagram post of a customer unboxing your product, or a glowing blog comment. It’s raw, real, and resonates with authenticity. Why? Because it’s people just being themselves, showing off how your product fits into their lives.

The Power of Genuine Connections: UGC is more than content; it’s a window into the soul of your brand as seen by your customers. It’s a treasure trove of trust, relatability, and real-world proof that what you offer is making waves. It's not just about showing off products; it's about showcasing experiences.

With FotoLive, dive into the world of UGC, where each customer’s story becomes a part of your brand’s ever-evolving narrative.

Why UGC is Your Amazon Listing’s Best Friend

Bring Your Amazon Listings to Life with UGC: Ever wondered why UGC should be your go-to for your Amazon listings? It's simple. UGC is like having your customers join your marketing team. They’re the cheerleaders, the storytellers, the real-life users who show your product in action.

The Reasons Are as Real as the Content:

  • Trust Factor
    There’s something about a genuine customer photo or an unscripted review that builds trust. It’s like getting a thumbs-up from a friend.
  • Engagement Booster
    UGC is not just content; it’s conversation. It encourages others to chime in, share their experiences, and engage with your brand on a personal level.
  • Authenticity Appeal
    No stock image can compete with a picture of your product being used in real life. UGC adds that authentic touch that today’s savvy shoppers crave.
  • Social Proof Powerhouse
    Seeing is believing, and when potential buyers see others enjoying your product, it’s the best kind of endorsement.
  • Dynamic Display
    UGC keeps your Amazon listing fresh and dynamic. New photos, new perspectives, and new stories keep customers coming back.

Your Listing, Supercharged by Realness: Incorporating UGC into your Amazon listings is like giving your products a stage to shine on, where the audience is both the star and the storyteller. It’s about making your listings pop with personality and proof.


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