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From Romania ~ With Love

Hey there! Welcome to the cozy corner of the user generated content we call FotoLive, nestled in the heart of Romania – a place where the internet is fast, the people are sharp, and the entrepreneurs are so active, we’re pretty sure coffee runs through their veins instead of blood.

Two Decades and a Truckload of Experience

Our founders are kind of like the Gandalfs of the e-commerce world – wise from their 20+ years of digital adventures and still hip enough to know that today, content is king (and queen, and the entire royal court).

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Our First Baby

Before FotoLive got its wings, there was AZ Rank – the firstborn of our ambitions, serving Amazon sellers who were hungry for more. Think of AZ Rank as the dependable older sibling – the one who borrowed dad’s car first but always brought it back full of gas.


The Cool Kid Sister

Enter FotoLive – the cool, quirky kid sister that got all the good genes. We started this gig because, honestly, we were in the same boat as you – paddling furiously in the vast Amazon (the e-market, not the rainforest) and realizing we needed better content to sail smoothly.


We’re Sellers, Just Like You (Only with Funkier Office Chairs)

Our founders have been on both sides of the checkout cart – selling and servicing. They’ve felt the joy of five-star reviews and the despair of an inventory mishap that leaves you wondering if you should start stress-baking.

To Make Content as Fun as a Box of Puppies (But Way More Profitable)

Our mission? To sprinkle a little bit of that FotoLive magic on your brand. We want your content to be so engaging that it stops scrolling thumbs faster than a cat video on a Monday morning.

Seizing Opportunities Like We Seize the Last Slice of Pizza

The online world’s bursting with chances for the taking, and we’re here to ensure your brand grabs a piece of that pie (and we know a thing or two about pie – have you tried Romanian placinta?).

Ready for a Storytelling Adventure? Pack Your Bags!

So come on in, kick off your shoes, and join the family. We’re here to take the "ugh" out of user-generated content and replace it with "ahh." Together, let’s make your brand’s story as heartwarming as a grandma’s hug and as memorable as that one summer hit you still can’t get out of your head.

Welcome aboard, friend – let’s make the E-com journey a little brighter, one snapshot and video at a time.

Our Track Record
E-commerce Excellence Meets Creative Content

From Humble Beginnings to E-commerce Authorities

  • Our entrepreneurial roots stretch back to the early 2000s, a testament to our enduring presence in the dynamic world of e-commerce. As the online marketplace has evolved, so have we, continuously adapting and growing with the times.


Amazon Sellers Turned Service Maestros

  • Since stepping into the Amazon arena in 2017, we’ve experienced the highs and lows of selling firsthand. This seller's journey empowered us to extend a hand to our peers, and in 2018, we began offering bespoke services aimed at elevating other sellers to new heights.


FotoLive: Crafting Stories, Capturing Success

  • With the launch of FotoLive in 2021, we turned a page and began focusing on the power of content. Recognizing the pivotal role of compelling visuals and authentic stories in e-commerce, we've been dedicated to creating content that resonates and converts.


Proven Impact: Beyond Numbers

  • The impact we’ve made is not just a tally of over 5000 projects on AZ Rank and a growing count nearing 1000 on FotoLive; it's about the success stories we've helped craft. Our case studies, featured on the 'Our Work' page, stand as a portfolio of our commitment to excellence and innovation in content creation.

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